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Antique Equestrian Jewelry & How to Wear it Now
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Equestrian jewelry never seems to go out of fashion and now more than ever, it’s in high demand. Who doesn’t love a lucky horseshoe pendant, a riding crop brooch, hounds of all sorts, and of course right in the middle of it all, stirring things up – the fox!




For a variety of reasons, a good number of equestrian motif jewels happen to be in the form of a brooch. A category of jewelry that may be considered uninteresting or outdated by some, is now gaining in popularity as designers, celebrities and the trend setter in your office come up with new and fun ways to wear them.


Here are a few of our takes on how to incorporate the Equestrian Jewelry Trend into your wardrobe.




Clockwise from top left, Kendall Jenner courtesy of Vogue, Versace Safety Pin Dress courtesy of Richmond Classics, Versace Versus courtesy of Net-a-Porter, Vintage Tiffany Equestrian Stock Pins, Sugar et Cie




Start with a focus pin/brooch in a motif (Equestrian), gem/metal/color you love, or shape (linear or round), and work around it. Looking for something equestrian and love the combination of sparkling rubies and diamonds? Start with our latest addition, an antique riding crop brooch (pictured below). Pair it with a fox stick pin and a diamond bar brooch.



Our latest addition, Antique Equestrian Riding Crop Brooch with Rubies and an Old European Cut Diamond © Copyright Sugar et Cie 2016


Some color consistency in your group, generally yields a more cohesive look. You may have to play around with your pins a bit before you get the look you want.




Wear your brooches, bar pins, hunting stock pins, kilt pins, double clip brooch/dress pin in unexpected places. Pin them to straps of a cocktail dress, to the front vent of a blazer (Versace Versus), or to the top flap of a pocket.


On our last buying trip, we acquired a pair of vintage diamond, pearl, and platinum lingerie pins. We think they will look amazing pinned vertically on the front cuffs of a menswear inspired white shirt (or in place of cufflinks).




If all else fails – convert it! We wouldn’t recommend touching something that is rare, but isn’t jewelry meant to be worn?


If it doesn’t work for you in its current form, you should feel free to change it. Some conversions are quite easy and some take a bit of advice and a good jeweler who knows how to work with antique jewelry (and who has a laser welder). It’s happening all of the time. Stick pins converted to rings or single stud earrings, brooches to pendants or barrettes. We’ve been known to convert a few ourselves.


The latest craze in equestrian conversions: foxes and hounds from stick pins/brooches to rings, horseshoe brooches to pendants and rings. So if you fall in love with a brooch and none of our creative ideas on how to wear it spark your interest – convert it!




Equestrian seems to be a key style inspiration for multiple fashion houses for the Fall (2016). I especially love Vogue’s Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis’ take on the trend seen in: Great Gatsby Meets Downton Abbey in Wales (great title!).



model wearing riding clothes, jacket, pants and riding boots


Courtesy of Vogue – Photograph by Jooney Woodward


Both Chanel and Ralph Lauren’s Ready-to-Wear runway shows have included a bit of equestrian style. Each has paired multiple looks with riding boots: from hot pink tweed suits to long black coats piled with ropes of pearls.


long double breasted winter coat in black from Chanel's 2016 Fall Ready-to-Wear Collection


Chanel’s 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection courtesy of Vogue



hot pink tweed suit


Chanel’s 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection courtesy of Vogue


RALPH LAUREN (riding boots, jodhpur style pants, and more) BUCKTROUT TAILORING (hacking jackets), LE CHAMEAU (riding and hunting boots for the field and street wear), AIGLE (riding and hunting boots for the field and street wear), are all great sources for equestrian style.


The trick to this trend is in the contrast. Evening with day (Ralph Lauren’s silk brocade evening dress with riding boots), or frayed with traditional (Bucktrout hacking jacket with frayed jeans and stilettos). Avoid wearing it from head to toe, unless of course you are about to go riding.


tweed hacking jacket


Sarah Jacket, in Lovat tweed courtesy of Bucktrout Tailoring


frayed jeans


Frayed Jeans, courtesy of Man Repeller


Three different black tall riding boots


Riding boots: Ralph Lauren, Venerie by Le Chameau, Steve Madden


You can find the Ralph Lauren’s riding boots on Ralph Lauren’s site. Unfortunately, finding Le Chameau boots in the U.S. is currently a bit difficult. At the time this post was written, their website was not set up for U.S. eCommerce.


Looking for the same luxe look for a little bit less? Steve Madden’s Lace Up Boots are a great option.


Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 model wearing long gold skirt with black riding boots


Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear, courtesy of Vogue


Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 model wearing long purple and gold brocade skirt with high slit and black riding boots


Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear, courtesy of Vogue




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Antique Diamond Arrow Brooch


Are you lusting after a gorgeous antique brooch, but don’t want to make the investment because you can’t think of multiple ways to wear it? Flaming hearts, diamonds skulls, sparkling flowers, and arrows in all shapes and sizes are among the favorites. Are you getting married, but want to be able to wear the veil pin or sash brooch after the wedding? If you’ve passed up some great pieces because you didn’t think you would get much wear out of them, the following is for you!



One Antique Brooch Worn Four Different Ways


On the Front Pocket of Your Jeans


It may sound a bit strange, but it looks great. Pin one flower in the center, a group of three small flowers clustered together, or an arrow brooch or two. As long as the pins are the right size for the area and look good together, anything can work.


Back to Basics – On a Black Blazer


Think about pinning three diamond or paste swallows, one slightly smaller than the next, up the front shoulder of a boyfriend blazer. You could also try multiple gem-set arrows, up and down the lapel of a black fitted blazer pointing in various directions. Just add a white v-neck t-shirt and some black, pointed-toe heels.


Off to the Side


Do you have a dress that knots at the side or a top that has a focus point at the waist, why not pin your favorite sparkling piece in the center? We’ve taken our arrow and pinned it diagonally through the center of this peplum bustier. Here’s another great example, a black dress with a knot that is perfect for pinning, from AllSaints.


On Our Re-Pinnable Black Stingray Bracelet Cuff


If you are like us, you like to get a lot of different looks out of your jewelry and wear it in different ways. This soft black cuff made from stingray, allows you to pin your brooch to the cuff, wear it as a bracelet, and remove the brooch/pin when you want to wear it on something else.

Antique Diamond Arrow Brooch

Black Stingray Cuff Bracelet

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


Let us know how you like to wear your brooches and pins – even better send us a picture!


Where Do I Get It?


1: Rag and Bone Skinny Jean, the pair shown above at is sold out, try this similar pair at Revolve Clothing.

2: Joseph Classic Blazer in Black, if you like it get it while it’s still available – on sale at

3: Strapless Peplum Top by Amanda Uprichard, H&M’s Peplum Bustier is sold out. Try this one also at Revolve Clothing as an alternative.

4: Antique: Victorian Pearl and Diamond Arrow Brooch “Queen of Spades” available at Sugar et Cie, brooch and cuff sold separately.