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Jewelry Trends Fall 2016 & The Statement Pocket Watch Necklace
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The fall runways were full of rich jewel toned colors which happen to be the perfect backdrop for statement jewelry for Fall. Ellie Saab featured standout, oversized chandelier earrings, but only on one ear.



Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture Fashion Show Courtesy of Vogue




Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture Fashion Show Courtesy of Vogue



Versace sprinkled their show with layers of chains, large link long chains and chunky chokers.



Versace Fall 2016 Courtesy of Haper’s Bazaar




My favorite show for jewelry was John Galliano Fall 2016 Ready to Wear. His catwalk was full of gold medallions and pocket watches hanging from gold chains in an array of lengths, from Choker to Opera.


It perfectly illustrates our mantra: Making Antique Jewelry Wearable. Combining today’s fashion with antique jewelry (or what looks to be) to create a one-of-a-kind look.



John Galliano Fall 2016 Courtesy of Vogue



John Galliano Fall 2016 Courtesy of Vogue



John Galliano Fall 2016 Courtesy of Vogue



John Galliano Fall 2016 Courtesy of Vogue




Here are some of our pieces, actual antique pocket watches and chains that you can combine with your fall cashmere and silk to create your own one-of-a-kind look.




This is a heart-shaped Antique Demi-Hunter pocket watch in 15 Kt rose gold.



Copyright Sugar et Cie


The versatility comes from the fact that there are two distinct sides to the Demi-Hunter or hunter pocket watch one. With the dial side out, you get the classic look of a pocket watch. With the cover side out, it looks more like a gold locket. We are showing it with an Antique Victorian rose gold guard chain. At 57 inches, you can double or triple it to get the layered chain look. The chain has a dog clip/swivel clip which makes it really easy to change what you wear on the end of it.



Copyright Sugar et Cie




if you love the chain and pocket watch Galliano shown on the model wearing the sheer skirt and white angora sweater, you will love our version. Below is our antique shooting stars demi-hunter pocket watch paired with our antique Victorian mid-length gold link chain.



Copyright Sugar et Cie


For more details or to make a purchase see our Pendant and Charms collection for the pocket watches and our Necklace and Chains collection, to browse our antique gold chains and other items.


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At last it has arrived and we don’t want to let it go! Who wouldn’t want a secret stash of their favorite scent hidden away in a treasured piece of jewelry?

Antique Silver Perfume Flask

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013



This is a wearable, heart-shaped, Sterling Silver Scent Flask, in its original state with hallmarks from the Edwardian period. It is a functional perfume holder with a threaded top that closes securely. Fill it with your favorite perfume and have it hand engraved with a monogram or keep it as is – beautifully simple!




Berry is a big color for Fall 2013 as evidenced by the number of fall runway collections that included it (e.g. Valentino, Dior). Silver accents pop against this deep and rich backdrop, so bring out your white-gold, platinum, and antique silver jewelry.


Fall Color Trend Berry


Nail Polish: Marc Jacobs – Jezebel

Jewelry: Sugar et Cie – Victoriana Collection

Pump: Alexandre Birman

Shadow: Lancome – All That Sparkles

Jacket: Mugler




In other fashion news, H&M’s Paris Collection 2013, featured in Elle (in February), arrived online yesterday 8/22. It can be purchased online, but won’t be in (select) stores until September. Some items have already sold out.


There area a number of fun and chic pieces: faux fur in black and white, beaded and embroidered dresses in blush, red, and nayv, and some great looking jackets and blazers. What it really comes down to is this – Will it look as great in-person as it does in the editorial layout? I’m wondering if the quality of the fabric and the construction will be good enough. I’ve ordered the over-the-knee boots (they call them knee high) and the black wool pea coat jacket. We’ll see…. Let us know if you’ve purchased something from this collection and what you think of it!


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Perfume flasks were made in many different sizes (travel, table-top) and in a variety of materials (glass, silver, enamel, gold), but of course we love those that are meant to be worn as jewelry.


The scent flask or perfume flacon, is a small container with a tight secure cap. Sometimes the flacon itself is the container. Others are containers inside containers, hidden away and accessible only through its decorative outside. These ornamental objects could be hung around the neck, suspended by chain or ribbon (perfume pendant), attached to a finger ring, or dangled from a chatelaine (see our glossary for more information).


The earliest version of the perfume flacon (16th century) was made of precious metal and although decorative, it served a purpose. It allowed the scented liquid to become mobile, transported from the source and carried by the user. By the end of the 19th century, the reverse was true. The decorative aspect became the focus and the fact that it also held perfume was the novelty. Cartier, Boucheron, and Tiffany among others crafted elaborate and awe-inspiring scent laden jewels.




It was once the practice to buy your perfume in plain bottles at the apothecary and transfer them into your own flasks, flacons or other decorated containers. If you’re thinking about investing in a beautiful antique vessel, maybe you should consider having something just as unique for the inside. We’ve found a few custom parfumeurs you might want to explore.


If you don’t have the time to invest in creating your own custom scent, but still want to find your own modern day version of the local apothecary, visit Herbal Alchemy’s online boutique. Located in Brooklyn, New York, they make artisnal perfumes in small batches from high-quality natural ingredients.


Midnight Garden, contains top notes of petitgrain, wild sweet orange, coriander CO2, lime; heart notes of jasmine, neroli, honey; and base notes of vanilla, oakmoss, peru balsam.


Herbal Alchemy's Midnight Garden Perfume


Moonrise, inspired by the Greek goddess Artemis who represents the new moon, contains top notes of wormwood; base notes of bergamot and petitgrain; heart notes of luminous jasmine, honey and rose; and base notes of sandalwood and frankincense.

Herbal Alchemy's Moonrise




Do you want to create your own signature perfume, custom blended, based on the scent combinations that you love? Mandy Aftel, the bespoke perfumer and owner of Aftelier Perfumes, guides you through the process in her Berkeley studio. She has a collection of over 100 essences and will create a blend that is uniquely perfect for you. I love the fact that you get to try it out for a week, make any desired adjustments, and walk away with a spray, liquid, travel and solid version of your custom perfume.


Even if you aren’t able to make it to her studio, according to Mandy, “ can still get the full experience of having a custom perfume made for you, using my comprehensive method for designing custom perfumes at a distance.” She sends you “… small vials of different perfume chords or combinations: top-note chords that form the opening smell of the perfume; middle-note chords that form the heart; base-note chords that form the final or “drydown” note.”




We’ve been on the hunt for an antique sterling silver, hallmarked, heart-shaped, perfume flask pendant. Success! We found one in England and it’s on its way. We will include it in next week’s post and it will be part of Sugar et Cie’s Victoriana Collection.

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I love it when I can combine two of my favorite things: my favorite perfume and a unique piece of jewelry. Small wearable vessels made to carry perfumed liquids (Pomander, Vinaigrette, Hovedvandsæg, perfume flask, scent flacon, etc.) have a long and interesting history. Their purpose has evolved from amulet used to ward of evil spirits, to the more pleasant: an “aide de memoire” to remind the wearer of happy memories or olfactory magnet used to attract a potential beloved.


They come in many shapes: round, rectangular, square, heart, skull, anything you can imagine has probably been made. They can be standalone or embedded into other pieces of jewelry (rings, bracelets, brooches).




The vinaigrette was originally carried by both men and women, but by the end of the first quarter of the 19th century, they became more of a feminine accessory. This small hinged box, often in silver and sometimes gold, contained a small sea sponge that had been soaked in vinegar and aromatics. An interior ornate grille kept the sponge in place and prevented it from falling out when opened. The purpose of the vinaigrette was to revive (hence the combination of the sharp scent of vinegar with aromatics) or disguise other unpleasant smells one might encounter out on the streets.


The outside of the box could be elaborate, quite simple, or made to look like something else entirely. The surprise comes upon opening. “The scent compartment is hidden, both to protect the volatile contents, and to maintain the jewelry facade. Here, the fragrance is stashed away like a lock of hair or a tiny picture or memento of another whose memory matters terribly. What is inside each jewel is the wearer’s secret”. – from The Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry.


Antique Vinaigrette in the Shape of a Heart

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


When looking for these scented treasures, we focus on size, design, quality, condition, age, and the “would we wear it?” test. One of the prettiest we’ve seen was a Danish Hovedvandsæg. Part of our inventory not too long ago, it was purchased by a customer who intended to give it to his bride on their wedding day! It was of good size, unique, quite old – 1811, in lovely condition for its age, and very wearable. A hand-engraved silver heart with a gilt crown, it is one of those pieces that looks good dangling from anything (gold watch chain, sterling silver guard chain or black ribbon).




We’ll follow-up with Part 2 “The Secrets of Scent Laden Jewels: Perfume Flasks as Jewelry” next week.


In the meantime, what scent would you keep in yours? A favorite of mine is Santa Maria Novella’s Aqua di Colona in Verbena. It’s described as “…reminiscent of lemons and limes.” To me it smells like summer!

Perfume from Santa Maria Novella


Courtesy of Santa Maria Novella


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Our latest obsession is the swallow. It’s also our item of the week. This is an antique swallow brooch from the Victorian period that we have converted to a pendant. We carefully removed the silver brooch fittings and added a rose gold bale to the top of the wing. We’re big fans of pairing whites (white gold, platinum, silver, diamonds or pastes) with rose gold.


Antique: Victorian Paste Swallow Silver Pendant



Antique Paste Swallow Pendant Victorian Antique Gold Pendant with a Buckle Motif

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


This antique swallow pendant, from the Victorian period, is comprised of white paste stones set in silver with small red cabochon paste eyes. We love the swallow’s long graceful wings and the symbolism associated with these charming creatures.


Because the swallow chooses one mate for life, to the Victorians, it was a symbol of enduring love and loyalty. The swallow also represents a safe return home. Sea voyages during this period were long, arduous, and dangerous. When a sailor spotted this land bird, he knew that land and home would not be far off.


Do as the Victorians did. Send a swallow as your message of love (wedding day present, anniversary, Valentine’s Day) or give it to a loved one who’s setting off on a trip or a new adventure (e.g. graduation, new job).


Antique and Modern Style


Here’s our twist on Romantic with an edge.


Give Romantic A Modern Edge



Black blazer, from Zara – puffed shoulders, narrow waist

Antique swallow pendant, from Sugar et Cie – antique patina, curved and graceful lines




Skinny black jeans, from Rag and Bone – part motorcycle (horizontal seam below the knee) and part rocker (laced-up ankle detail)

Black, pointed-toe stilettos, from Alejandro Ingelmo – sharp angles

Basic white tank, from the Row – clean simple lines