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Must Haves Accessories: Think Pink For Spring
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Icy pastels, usually reserved for Spring, were part of the color palette this past Fall/Winter. Well, Spring is approaching and pink is still here. Models pranced down the runway at Spring Fashion Week covered in pink from head to toe (Alexander Wang, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga). All shades were present from sugary bubble gum to fuchsia to the palest of pales. Not a big fan of all over pink? Add hints and pops of the color through your accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. Here are some of our top picks.


Satin strappy sandals in hot pink



Sergio Rossi satin pink strappy sandals



A new discovery, for me anyway. Julep nail polish seems to be free of nasty chemicals. They call it 4-Free. It doesn’t contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, or toluene.



pale pink nail polish




Julep nail polish in Emanuelle



At first glance this looks like mother of pearl, but as it turns out it’s plastic.

oval pink and black striped purse


Striped oval clutch from Edie Parker



pale pink mule with gold embellishments


Pale pink and gold mule from Oscar De La Renta



pale pink pearls  with rose gold shield locket embellishments

Cultured pearls with rose gold shield locket from Sugar et Cie



bubblegum pink peep toe pumps with skulls


Bubblegum pink pumps with jeweled skull detail from Alexander McQueen



pink cashmere and silk scarf



Chan Luu silk cashmere scarf



hot pink flat sandlas



Fuchsia leather embellished t-bar sandals from DSQUARED2



vintage buckle on blush glazed alligator cuff



Antique buckle on blush pink glazed alligator cuff from Sugar et Cie



hot pink lip gloss



Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl lip gloss in “Boom Boom” fuchsia




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Secret Keepers


What’s better than a really good secret? Perhaps a beautiful piece of jewelry that lets you keep a secret and bring it with you wherever you go. I know that I’m not the only one that finds it hard to resist a hidden compartment. I have been an eye-witness to the bidding frenzy that happens when a piece of jewelry contains a hidden locket compartment. It seems to double or triple the price.

Ruby and Diamond Watch Ring


© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


Hidden Watches


We recently acquired a cocktail ring circa 1950. A stunning ring of with cabochon cut rubies, set in rose gold and a diamond at the center. However, what compelled us to snatch it up was the secret behind the face of the ring – a Swiss made watch. It’s fun to have a secret and wear a one of a kind piece that you know no one else is going to have. How many people have you seen wearing a gem-set watch ring? Visit our Cocktail Ring Collection for more information.


The Poison Ring


Research suggests that the poison ring might be more fiction than fact. Although they did exist, who used them and for what purposes have definitely been exaggerated. Lucrezia Borgia, part of the Machiavellian world of Renaissance Italy, is one of the better known figures at the center of this lore. She is rumored to have poisoned the drinks of her family’s political rivals via a ring she wore that contained a hidden compartment filled with a poisonous substance.


The only modern poison ring that I have seen which seems to capture the beauty and spirit of this Renaissance myth is from the famous Maison Boucheron. They had a collection a few years ago that included a series of poison rings with pave-set gems (sapphires, rubies, and emeralds) set in blackened gold. The top slides open to reveal a secret compartment in which to keep your poison of course!




Jewelry from the Victorian period had a language of its own. Many pieces of jewelry from the period incorporated either symbolism, sentimentality or secrecy and sometimes all three. The Victorians loved compartments, hidden or in plain sight. They engraved messages and tucked away tokens of luck or love (painted portraits, a lock of hair, a dried four leaf clover). Lockets hanging from chains or collars were very popular. Most contained pictures of loved ones.



Antique Victorian Silver Locket



Victorian Silver Locket with Original Pictures


© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


Bangle bracelets occasionally contained a photo compartment. The compartments were usually hidden behind a small hinged panel that opened up to reveal a framed photo inside.


We love these antique pieces with secret hiding places. It’s great to have a piece of jewelry in which to keep a hidden picture of your significant other, children or pets. Some (lockets, pocket watches, bangles) are given as gifts with monograms engraved on a blank cartouche on the outside and/or with a secret message on the inside. Many brooch/pendants have glazed compartments (hidden underneath) which originally were used to hold a lock of hair. Use it to hold a secret message, name or date instead. Browse through our Victoriana Collection and find your favorite jeweled secret keeper.