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Antique Gold Bypass Bangle: Item of the Week
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Nail color is a great way to try out the latest trend, get in the mood for a new season, or compliment your latest jewelry acquisition. Below is one of our favorite pairings.


antique gold bangle and gold glitter polish from Deborah Lippmann, Cleopatra in New York


© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2014, and Courtesy of Deborah Lippmann




This pretty 14 ct gold bangle is a recent addition to our Victoriana collection and is available at Sugar et Cie. It is in the Etruscan Revival style from the Victorian period and is called a bypass bangle. You can see the lovely work in the details: the gold granulation, the fine wire work and the bloomed gold, all characteristics of the Etruscan Revival style.


We’ve paired this bangle with Deborah Lippmann’s Cleopatra in New York. It’s a black lacquer studded with gold which can be worn on its own or as a second coat over another color.


The bypass bangle has always been popular. The clean modern form of the body of the bangle is a nice contrast to the elaborate terminal on each end of the bracelet, which is similar in shape to a royal scepter.




I haven’t always been a fan of glitter nail polish, but Deborah Lippmann has won me over with her sophisticated palette of glitter nail lacquers. What makes them different? The glitter components are octagonal in shape and made up of small and large pieces. The effect is chic, almost bespoke and doesn’t look like my six year old niece gave me a manicure.


Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polish, Cleopatra in New York, Ruby Red Slippers, Boom Pow Pow


Not quite ready for a black-based lacquer? Try Lippmann’s Ruby Red slippers, Boom Pow Pow, or any of the 23 polishes in her glitter collection.


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Icy pastels, usually reserved for Spring, were part of the color palette this past Fall/Winter. Well, Spring is approaching and pink is still here. Models pranced down the runway at Spring Fashion Week covered in pink from head to toe (Alexander Wang, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga). All shades were present from sugary bubble gum to fuchsia to the palest of pales. Not a big fan of all over pink? Add hints and pops of the color through your accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. Here are some of our top picks.


Satin strappy sandals in hot pink



Sergio Rossi satin pink strappy sandals



A new discovery, for me anyway. Julep nail polish seems to be free of nasty chemicals. They call it 4-Free. It doesn’t contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, or toluene.



pale pink nail polish




Julep nail polish in Emanuelle



At first glance this looks like mother of pearl, but as it turns out it’s plastic.

oval pink and black striped purse


Striped oval clutch from Edie Parker



pale pink mule with gold embellishments


Pale pink and gold mule from Oscar De La Renta



pale pink pearls  with rose gold shield locket embellishments

Cultured pearls with rose gold shield locket from Sugar et Cie



bubblegum pink peep toe pumps with skulls


Bubblegum pink pumps with jeweled skull detail from Alexander McQueen



pink cashmere and silk scarf



Chan Luu silk cashmere scarf



hot pink flat sandlas



Fuchsia leather embellished t-bar sandals from DSQUARED2



vintage buckle on blush glazed alligator cuff



Antique buckle on blush pink glazed alligator cuff from Sugar et Cie



hot pink lip gloss



Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl lip gloss in “Boom Boom” fuchsia




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This late 19th century silver over gold diamond arrow and crescent brooch, set throughout with rose and old-cut diamonds, is the latest addition to our collection.



Antique Diamond Arrow Brooch



The arrow was a popular motif throughout the Georgian and Victorian periods. What makes this example unique and interesting is the crescent moon at the center. The arrow by itself or combined with a heart often conveyed a message of love. Was this an emblem of an archery enthusiast or Cupid’s arrow aimed at the heart?


An antique diamond brooch is a versatile piece of jewelry that you can wear with anything from jeans to a Little Black Dress. Here are a few pieces that we’ve curated from the Fall Collections that we think would look great paired with this week’s item.





A diamond pin is a great way to add a pop of light to a little black dress. If you are looking to add one to your closet for the upcoming season, take a look at the these three.



one shoulder black cocktail dress


A.F. Vandevorst – Belgium





a little black dress


Barbara Bui – Paris





a ruched black dress with cap sleeves


Jay Godfrey – New York







Pin a diamond arrow or a collection of arrow brooches to the pocket, shoulder, or lapel of a blazer. It looks great with a classic fitted black blazer like the one from Barbara Bui or with a short knit jacket like the one from Rebecca Taylor.



Short Black Blazer


Rebecca Taylor – New York





Barbara Bui Black Blazer


Barbara Bui – Paris





Barbara Bui Black Blazer


Tagliatore – Italy





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Marie Antoinette’s Style Inspirations


Marie Antoinette, the Dauphine of France from 1770-74 and the Queen of France from 1774 until 1792, was a trendsetter as royals often were then, and some still are now (e.g. Kate Middleton). Princess Eugenie, Napoleon’s wife and Empress of France (1853-70) almost one hundred years later, was somewhat obsessed with Marie Antoinette’s style. Eugenie collected items that belonged to her, commissioned diamond pins that were based upon Marie Antoinette’s dress ornaments and posed for a portrait in 18th century dress said to be similar to one of Marie Antoinette’s. The Empress was not alone. Other women in the 19th century were also enamored with her style and collected paste buckles, memorial rings, and lockets from her reign.(1)


We are still obsessed with the romance and the extravagance of Marie Antoinette’s style. Prices continue to soar for jewelry from the period as well as items purported to have been owned by her. Last year a pair of her white silk mules, adorned with tri-colored silk ribbon, sold for $57,000 at auction in Toulon, France.


Below is a collection of evening shoes inspired by her style. They include actual examples of 18th century evening slippers, a few from French designers circa 1950/60 (Roger Vivier for Dior), and a handful from current designers that we think represent the spirit of her style: studded with “strass”, woven with lace, and adorned with silk flowers.



Style Cues: Marie Antoinette



Item of the Week: Paste Buckle Cuff in Versailles Blue


We’ve created a modern collection that incorporates the beautiful workmanship and sparkle of the 18th and 19th century paste shoe buckle and the color and luxury of Alligator. The latest addition to our Spun Sugar Bracelet collection is the Antique & Modern: Georgian Paste Buckle and Alligator Cuff Bracelet in Versailles Blue. Keep reading and we think you’ll see the connection.

Georgian Paste Buckle on Alligator Cuff

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013



Marie Antoinette’s Style Portrayed via Film


The most recent incarnation of Marie Antoinette by Hollywood was in 2006, directed by Sophia Coppola and staring Kirsten Dunst as the Dauphine. It is worth watching for the extravagant, candy-colored imagery alone. You can see why the film won the Academy Award for best costume design. Annie Leibovitz, in another feast for the eyes, captured a slightly edgier version of Kirsten as Marie Antoinette for Vogue, in September of the same year. It’s worth taking a minute to see the entire layout still available on their site.



Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, September 2006



Items of the Week: Antique Paste Earrings and Vintage Diamond Rings


Marie Antoinette was not only famous for her style but also infamous for the amount of sparkle she managed to incorporate into her wardrobe. You may not know that she liked to mix her paste jewels in with her diamonds and other precious gems. She literally sparkled from her head, pinning paste pieces into her sky-high hair, to her toes (paste buckles on her shoes).



Antique Paste Earring on Blue Ribbon

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013



Why not take a style cue from Marie Antoinette and mix antique paste and vintage diamonds? Wear our Antique: Double Collet-Set Antique Paste in Silver, Drop Earrings, with a stack of your favorite vintage diamond rings on your first finger. Browse through our Stacking Rings Collection.



Vogue Shoot by Annie Leibovitz Topic the film Marie Antoinette

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, September 2006


A Vintage Diamond Ring on a Candy Stick




Vintage Diamond Rings on a Candy Stick


© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013




(1) “Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria,” by Charlotte Gere, Judy Rudoe, The British Museum.

H1: Evening Shoes, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, House of Dior, 1957, Designer: Roger Vivier (French, 1913–1998).

H2: Slippers, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1780–89, European, Medium: Silk.

H3: Slippers, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1720–39, France, Medium: Silk and Leather.

H4: Evening Shoes, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, House of Dior, 1960, Designer: Roger Vivier (French, 1913–1998).

C1: Flora, by Charlotte Olympia.

C2: Swan, by Manolo Blahnik at Barney’s.

C3: Embroidered Lace Point-Toe Halter Pump, by Rene Caovilla at Bergdorf Goodman.

C4: Pigalle Strass, by Christian Louboutin. CL appears to be a fan of the sparkle of paste – Strass is the French word which translates to paste, also associated with the jeweler that developed its reputation for quality in 18th c. France.

C5: Au Hameau, by Christian Louboutin. The silver is sold out, but a gold version is available at Barney’s. CL appears to also be a fan of Versailles/Marie Antoinette. Hameau de la Reine was built for her.

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Antique Diamond Arrow Brooch


Are you lusting after a gorgeous antique brooch, but don’t want to make the investment because you can’t think of multiple ways to wear it? Flaming hearts, diamonds skulls, sparkling flowers, and arrows in all shapes and sizes are among the favorites. Are you getting married, but want to be able to wear the veil pin or sash brooch after the wedding? If you’ve passed up some great pieces because you didn’t think you would get much wear out of them, the following is for you!



One Antique Brooch Worn Four Different Ways


On the Front Pocket of Your Jeans


It may sound a bit strange, but it looks great. Pin one flower in the center, a group of three small flowers clustered together, or an arrow brooch or two. As long as the pins are the right size for the area and look good together, anything can work.


Back to Basics – On a Black Blazer


Think about pinning three diamond or paste swallows, one slightly smaller than the next, up the front shoulder of a boyfriend blazer. You could also try multiple gem-set arrows, up and down the lapel of a black fitted blazer pointing in various directions. Just add a white v-neck t-shirt and some black, pointed-toe heels.


Off to the Side


Do you have a dress that knots at the side or a top that has a focus point at the waist, why not pin your favorite sparkling piece in the center? We’ve taken our arrow and pinned it diagonally through the center of this peplum bustier. Here’s another great example, a black dress with a knot that is perfect for pinning, from AllSaints.


On Our Re-Pinnable Black Stingray Bracelet Cuff


If you are like us, you like to get a lot of different looks out of your jewelry and wear it in different ways. This soft black cuff made from stingray, allows you to pin your brooch to the cuff, wear it as a bracelet, and remove the brooch/pin when you want to wear it on something else.

Antique Diamond Arrow Brooch

Black Stingray Cuff Bracelet

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


Let us know how you like to wear your brooches and pins – even better send us a picture!


Where Do I Get It?


1: Rag and Bone Skinny Jean, the pair shown above at is sold out, try this similar pair at Revolve Clothing.

2: Joseph Classic Blazer in Black, if you like it get it while it’s still available – on sale at

3: Strapless Peplum Top by Amanda Uprichard, H&M’s Peplum Bustier is sold out. Try this one also at Revolve Clothing as an alternative.

4: Antique: Victorian Pearl and Diamond Arrow Brooch “Queen of Spades” available at Sugar et Cie, brooch and cuff sold separately.