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Antique Equestrian Jewelry & How to Wear it Now
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Equestrian jewelry never seems to go out of fashion and now more than ever, it’s in high demand. Who doesn’t love a lucky horseshoe pendant, a riding crop brooch, hounds of all sorts, and of course right in the middle of it all, stirring things up – the fox!




For a variety of reasons, a good number of equestrian motif jewels happen to be in the form of a brooch. A category of jewelry that may be considered uninteresting or outdated by some, is now gaining in popularity as designers, celebrities and the trend setter in your office come up with new and fun ways to wear them.


Here are a few of our takes on how to incorporate the Equestrian Jewelry Trend into your wardrobe.




Clockwise from top left, Kendall Jenner courtesy of Vogue, Versace Safety Pin Dress courtesy of Richmond Classics, Versace Versus courtesy of Net-a-Porter, Vintage Tiffany Equestrian Stock Pins, Sugar et Cie




Start with a focus pin/brooch in a motif (Equestrian), gem/metal/color you love, or shape (linear or round), and work around it. Looking for something equestrian and love the combination of sparkling rubies and diamonds? Start with our latest addition, an antique riding crop brooch (pictured below). Pair it with a fox stick pin and a diamond bar brooch.



Our latest addition, Antique Equestrian Riding Crop Brooch with Rubies and an Old European Cut Diamond © Copyright Sugar et Cie 2016


Some color consistency in your group, generally yields a more cohesive look. You may have to play around with your pins a bit before you get the look you want.




Wear your brooches, bar pins, hunting stock pins, kilt pins, double clip brooch/dress pin in unexpected places. Pin them to straps of a cocktail dress, to the front vent of a blazer (Versace Versus), or to the top flap of a pocket.


On our last buying trip, we acquired a pair of vintage diamond, pearl, and platinum lingerie pins. We think they will look amazing pinned vertically on the front cuffs of a menswear inspired white shirt (or in place of cufflinks).




If all else fails – convert it! We wouldn’t recommend touching something that is rare, but isn’t jewelry meant to be worn?


If it doesn’t work for you in its current form, you should feel free to change it. Some conversions are quite easy and some take a bit of advice and a good jeweler who knows how to work with antique jewelry (and who has a laser welder). It’s happening all of the time. Stick pins converted to rings or single stud earrings, brooches to pendants or barrettes. We’ve been known to convert a few ourselves.


The latest craze in equestrian conversions: foxes and hounds from stick pins/brooches to rings, horseshoe brooches to pendants and rings. So if you fall in love with a brooch and none of our creative ideas on how to wear it spark your interest – convert it!




Equestrian seems to be a key style inspiration for multiple fashion houses for the Fall (2016). I especially love Vogue’s Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis’ take on the trend seen in: Great Gatsby Meets Downton Abbey in Wales (great title!).



model wearing riding clothes, jacket, pants and riding boots


Courtesy of Vogue – Photograph by Jooney Woodward


Both Chanel and Ralph Lauren’s Ready-to-Wear runway shows have included a bit of equestrian style. Each has paired multiple looks with riding boots: from hot pink tweed suits to long black coats piled with ropes of pearls.


long double breasted winter coat in black from Chanel's 2016 Fall Ready-to-Wear Collection


Chanel’s 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection courtesy of Vogue



hot pink tweed suit


Chanel’s 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection courtesy of Vogue


RALPH LAUREN (riding boots, jodhpur style pants, and more) BUCKTROUT TAILORING (hacking jackets), LE CHAMEAU (riding and hunting boots for the field and street wear), AIGLE (riding and hunting boots for the field and street wear), are all great sources for equestrian style.


The trick to this trend is in the contrast. Evening with day (Ralph Lauren’s silk brocade evening dress with riding boots), or frayed with traditional (Bucktrout hacking jacket with frayed jeans and stilettos). Avoid wearing it from head to toe, unless of course you are about to go riding.


tweed hacking jacket


Sarah Jacket, in Lovat tweed courtesy of Bucktrout Tailoring


frayed jeans


Frayed Jeans, courtesy of Man Repeller


Three different black tall riding boots


Riding boots: Ralph Lauren, Venerie by Le Chameau, Steve Madden


You can find the Ralph Lauren’s riding boots on Ralph Lauren’s site. Unfortunately, finding Le Chameau boots in the U.S. is currently a bit difficult. At the time this post was written, their website was not set up for U.S. eCommerce.


Looking for the same luxe look for a little bit less? Steve Madden’s Lace Up Boots are a great option.


Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 model wearing long gold skirt with black riding boots


Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear, courtesy of Vogue


Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 model wearing long purple and gold brocade skirt with high slit and black riding boots


Ralph Lauren Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear, courtesy of Vogue




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We just got back from a buying trip and picked-up a lot of great things which you will be seeing on our site this week and next. One item in particular has been on our must have list for a while: an antique star brooch set with old mine cut diamonds in silver over gold from the Victorian Period. 

Antique Diamond Star Brooch

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2014



A Close-Up of Old Mine Cut Diamonds


© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2014




The minute I saw this portrait of Empress Elisabeth (“Sisi”) of Austria (1837-1898) wearing diamond stars pinned into her hair, I was hooked.


Empress Elisabeth of Austria bry Franz Xaver Winterhalter


Attributed to Franz Xaver Winterhalter (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons


According to the Schloss Schönbrunn palace and the Sisi Museum, the Empress commissioned Rozet & Fischmeister and other court jewelers to have multiple stars made. Some were 8 points, some were 10 points, and some had a pearl at the center.


Empress Elisabeth was not the only royal to favor wearing diamond stars. Queen Alexandra of England (1844-1925) had a set. There are numerous pictures of her wearing her stars pinned across the bodice of her dress. Just like Sisi, she was also a royal fashion trend-setter. Everything she did and wore was copied by society’s elite. The collier de chien (multiple strands of pearls and diamonds in the form of a collar necklace) is still associated with Alexandra to this day.




Once worn only for special events (wedding e.g. bridal jewelry), you can now find more and more women with a bit of sparkle in their hair. It’s hard to pick up a copy of Vogue, ELLE, Lucky, etc. and not find a feature or story about something jeweled for one’s tresses.


Believe it or not jeweled hair pins can be worn with jeans and a Tee, think a single tiny diamond star pin. Or with a cocktail dress: try two Art Deco Diamond Barrettes just above the ear to pull back your waves (e.g. channeling Veronica Lake). It’s all in how you style it. The below is from backstage at Valentino…


Antique Diamond Star Brooch


Valentino Show Autumn/Winter 2011-12, courtesy of Vogue


For more ideas, take a look at our Pinterest Board: She Had Diamonds on the Crown of Her Head, peruse our website for diamond barrettes, or ask us if we can convert one of our vintage or antique brooches to a barrette.


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Icy pastels, usually reserved for Spring, were part of the color palette this past Fall/Winter. Well, Spring is approaching and pink is still here. Models pranced down the runway at Spring Fashion Week covered in pink from head to toe (Alexander Wang, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga). All shades were present from sugary bubble gum to fuchsia to the palest of pales. Not a big fan of all over pink? Add hints and pops of the color through your accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. Here are some of our top picks.


Satin strappy sandals in hot pink



Sergio Rossi satin pink strappy sandals



A new discovery, for me anyway. Julep nail polish seems to be free of nasty chemicals. They call it 4-Free. It doesn’t contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, or toluene.



pale pink nail polish




Julep nail polish in Emanuelle



At first glance this looks like mother of pearl, but as it turns out it’s plastic.

oval pink and black striped purse


Striped oval clutch from Edie Parker



pale pink mule with gold embellishments


Pale pink and gold mule from Oscar De La Renta



pale pink pearls  with rose gold shield locket embellishments

Cultured pearls with rose gold shield locket from Sugar et Cie



bubblegum pink peep toe pumps with skulls


Bubblegum pink pumps with jeweled skull detail from Alexander McQueen



pink cashmere and silk scarf



Chan Luu silk cashmere scarf



hot pink flat sandlas



Fuchsia leather embellished t-bar sandals from DSQUARED2



vintage buckle on blush glazed alligator cuff



Antique buckle on blush pink glazed alligator cuff from Sugar et Cie



hot pink lip gloss



Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl lip gloss in “Boom Boom” fuchsia




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Gold Kilt Pin with Snake Motif

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


The kilt pin is popular this fall with Versus by Versace, Moschino Cheap and Chic, and Mark Le Bhian. All are offering skirts and dresses incorporating a version of the kilt pin.





The Kilt Pin Makes A Comeback!




Co-opted from menswear as a fashion accessory, the kilt pin adds a golden touch to your favorite black skirt or a bit of edge to a cocktail dress. Versace has a long history of incorporating safety pins and kilt pins into their designs. Who can forget the image of Elizabeth Hurley in the barely there dress by Versace that she wore to the 1994 premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral? The dress looked as if it might fall off if it weren’t for the combination of safety and kilt pins holding it together.


Below is Versus by Versace’s stretch twill mini-skirt and Moschino’s Cheap and Chic, ribbed wool mini skirt in a hot pink. On the runway it was shown with three large kilt pins worn horizontally across the front flap.




The Kilt Pin Makes A Comeback!





Here’s some of our favorite pieces for Fall/Winter and a “How To” guide to wearing a kilt pin with pieces similar to those that you might have in your closet right now.


The Kilt pin worn on a Scotsman’s kilt, contrary to popular belief, is mainly decorative. It is worn on the front of the kilt, pinned only to the top layer (sometimes mistakenly pinned through to the second layer). Its main purpose is to give the front some weight, helping the front panel to hang properly.



The Original Kilt Pin


Courtesy of Kinloch Anderson



Wear it vertically or horizontally at the top of the crossover flap to highlight the waist of Antonio Berardi’s stretch-wool crepe skirt or vertically at the top of the front facing slit on Lucas Nascimento’s chenille pencil skirt (the green skirt to the right).



The Kilt Pin Makes A Comeback!



You can use it to add interest to a jacket or dress where there is some ruched material. Pin it horizontally, near the shoulder on a jacket like this belted wool jacket by Oscar de la Renta or on a dress like the one below from Alexander Wang.



The Kilt Pin Makes A Comeback!





The Kilt Pin Makes A Comeback!


Looking for a kilt pin to accessorize your skirts. We’ve just added this antique, 18 ct gold snake kilt pin to our collections and its available now. Mine! Mine! Mine!


Antique Gold Snake Kilt Pin

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


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Vintage Diamond and Platinum Ring

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013



Diamonds set in platinum of course! If you didn’t see this year’s release of the Great Gatsby (the 5th and latest film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel) you might want to, if only to drool over the 1920’s fashion and jewelry (collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Catherine Martin).


Our item of the week is a sparkling diamond and emerald platinum ring from the Jazz Age era. With just over 3 carats of diamonds, it is no doubt a ring that Daisy would have adored.



Art Deco Chic



1 – In the latest film version, afternoon tea looks like it might have been catered by Ladurée. Silver tiered stands are piled high with pink and green macarons and other pastel colored sweets topped with raspberries and sugared roses. Can’t make it to the nearest Ladurée? Purchase Thé Othello (with hints of cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, ginger), Thé Marie-Antoinette (subtle notes of rose petals, citrus and honey), or macarons (raspberry, rose petal, lemon, chocolate, etc.) by calling their New York store and having them ship you your order.


2Carine Gilson’s handcrafted lingerie with silk from Lyon and Chantilly lace looks like it came straight out of Daisy’s closet. This one in coral silk.


3 – The Rosebud Perfume Co. was in business in the 1920’s. Would Daisy have used this Minted Rose Balm to maintain her Cupid’s Bow lips?


4 – Established in 1849 in Paris, Moynat (similar to other luxury luggage companies at that time e.g. Louis Vuitton and Goyard) introduced its repeating initial M pattern designed by Henri Rapin in 1920.


5Chanel No. 5 was launched in the summer of 1921. While the Great Gatsby was published in 1925, it was written about the summer of 1922. The latest from Chanel would have definitely made Daisy’s Mush Have List.


6 – Late blooming peonies and summer gardenias would have probably been floating in a silver bowl near Daisy’s bedside.




This is a spectacular diamond and emerald ring with slightly over 3 carats of Old Mine Cut diamonds. The emerald at the center has a vivid green hue and is bezel set in platinum with millegrained edges. It’s displayed in a vintage sterling silver ring box by Maison Birks.


1920's Diamond and Emerald Ring


This Art Deco Diamond, Emerald and Platinum Ring, Bombé Sparkler is available in our Cocktail rings collection.