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How to Get the Most Out of Your Fashion Investments
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I firmly believe in high performance investments. Especially when it comes to fashion. If you’re going to make an investment in a piece, you should make sure that you get the most out of it. It doesn’t matter if your investment is in high street or high fashion, the same rules still apply. The three most important things to consider when making those investments are: Versatility, Quality and Look.



Versatile Pieces: From Summer to Winter

A mid-weight, tweed jacket and a good pair of white or cream jeans are wardrobe staples worthy of investment. Choose color combinations like black & white that move easily from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter. With a few swaps (white tee or tank to cashmere sweater and open toe heels to boots) you can wear your investments a good portion of the year.




Not really… Whether you spend $200 or $2,000, make sure it’s of quality material and construction (see the timeless Vintage Chanel Boucle jacket below), and that it looks good on you. If it falls apart after 6 months or doesn’t really fit you, then it’s not worth the investment. I have an Alexander McQueen, black and white fitted tweed jacket that I bought six years ago. I can throw it over a tee or a cami and it instantly elevates whatever I have on. To me, it was definitely worth the investment.


The Little Bird on 1st Dibs






Choosing pieces that can be worn during the day and that can make the transition easily to night, is another way to maximize the value you get out of your investment pieces.




Versatile Investment Pieces



1 – Nothing beats a pair of well-made, black cigarette pants that can be worn with a white button down during the day and a silk cami at night. What makes this transition possible? The fit and style of the pants (narrow leg, ankle length). What makes it a good investment piece? Its versatility and the quality of the material (100% lightweight wool) and the construction.


2 – Get more from a pair of black heels by choosing ones that can make the day to night transition. This pair from Lanvin has a closed toe and a hidden platform that work well for day. The pointed toe, ankle strap, and python texture provide enough edge to allow the transition to evening.


3 – I love this deep red alligator bag from Vintage Skins, an online boutique that has a large selection of beautiful vintage handbags in exotic skins (alligator, lizard, python, etc.). The silver chain detail on this particular bag makes it a great option for night without screaming “evening bag” during the day.





Day to Evening Basics





The same rules of Versatility, Quality and Look also apply to your investment in jewelry. Get the most out of your investment by buying pieces that can be worn with either jeans or a cocktail dress.



Antique Paste Earrings


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Of course, not every piece you buy needs to be versatile to be worth the investment. It is nice though to have a handful of pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. A pair of antique paste or diamond drop earrings are a good example. They are simple, add a lot of sparkle, and always elevate your look.



Antique Gold Watch Chain


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An interesting antique gold or silver chain is another piece of jewelry that can be worn with almost anything. Mix and layer it with other chains, wear it by itself, or dangle your favorite pendant.





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If you invest in quality pieces that you love, you won’t regret the investment.

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Victorian Silver Jewelry with Hand Engraved Ciphers


I have been looking at a lot of antique silver lately and have come across a number of interesting and unique monograms. Actually, to be accurate I should really use the term cipher.


According to Monograms and Ciphers by A.A. Turbayne, the difference between the two is: “A Monogram is a combination of two or more letters, in which one letter forms part of another and cannot be separated from the whole. A Cipher is merely an interlacing or placing together of two or more letters, being in no way dependent for their parts on other of the letters.” If you are looking for a monogram or cipher for your wedding or to incorporate into your interior design, it’s a really great source.


The one below is a cipher on the top of a silver Victorian scent flask and is one of my favorites. The two initials in the center, with the nail heads and the cross-hatches, have an equestrian feel.



Hand Engraved Victorian Monogram



The challenge of course is to find an antique piece you love with your initials. Sometimes a piece is so beautifully engraved that you just don’t care whose initials are on it. We have a number of Victorian pieces that are beautiful as is, but that would be also perfect for engraving. We are looking for an engraver to partner with that does top quality work by hand. We’ll keep you posted! Currently, we have a number of items, silver or gold, that would be perfect for personalization. Here’s just a few, visit the Victoriana Collections in bracelets and necklaces to see more.


Victorian Silver Locket with Buckle Motif

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The Back of an Antique Silver Locket

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A Victorian Silver Bangle with Buckle Motif

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The Back of an Antique Silver Bangle

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Our latest obsession is the swallow. It’s also our item of the week. This is an antique swallow brooch from the Victorian period that we have converted to a pendant. We carefully removed the silver brooch fittings and added a rose gold bale to the top of the wing. We’re big fans of pairing whites (white gold, platinum, silver, diamonds or pastes) with rose gold.


Antique: Victorian Paste Swallow Silver Pendant



Antique Paste Swallow Pendant Victorian Antique Gold Pendant with a Buckle Motif

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This antique swallow pendant, from the Victorian period, is comprised of white paste stones set in silver with small red cabochon paste eyes. We love the swallow’s long graceful wings and the symbolism associated with these charming creatures.


Because the swallow chooses one mate for life, to the Victorians, it was a symbol of enduring love and loyalty. The swallow also represents a safe return home. Sea voyages during this period were long, arduous, and dangerous. When a sailor spotted this land bird, he knew that land and home would not be far off.


Do as the Victorians did. Send a swallow as your message of love (wedding day present, anniversary, Valentine’s Day) or give it to a loved one who’s setting off on a trip or a new adventure (e.g. graduation, new job).


Antique and Modern Style


Here’s our twist on Romantic with an edge.


Give Romantic A Modern Edge



Black blazer, from Zara – puffed shoulders, narrow waist

Antique swallow pendant, from Sugar et Cie – antique patina, curved and graceful lines




Skinny black jeans, from Rag and Bone – part motorcycle (horizontal seam below the knee) and part rocker (laced-up ankle detail)

Black, pointed-toe stilettos, from Alejandro Ingelmo – sharp angles

Basic white tank, from the Row – clean simple lines