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Antique Paste and Alligator Cuffs: New Arrivals
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New Arrivals in the Spun Sugar collection at Sugar et Cie


We have three new Alligator Cuffs to share with you. The first two have antique paste buckles from the Georgian period which spans the rule of the four King Georges in England from 1714 to 1837.


Antique & Modern: Georgian Paste Buckle and Alligator Cuff in Raspberry Glaze

Antique Paste Buckle on Raspberry Pink Alligator Cuff

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


If you are new to paste from this period and are wondering why something it is so sought after, here are just a couple of the reasons from a long list.


Rarity: By definition, pieces from this period are at least 176 years old. Over time they get damaged or are disassembled into smaller pieces, resulting in fewer available pieces every year that goes by.


Art Form: Jewelers/craftsman that created pieces of paste jewelry felt they were creating art, not a simulation of something more valuable. They were able to cut the stones into shapes that diamond cutters could not achieve at the time due to technical and financial factors. They took pride in their work and while not all pieces from this period are art, if you know what to look for you can find quality pieces. Who doesn’t want to wear something of quality and beauty?


Antique & Modern: Georgian Paste Buckle and Alligator Cuff Bracelet in Denim Blue Glaze

Georgian Paste Buckle on Denim Blue Alligator Cuff

© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013


The third piece is from a later date, most likely the 1920’s. It has a geometric design that was popular during the Art Deco period, significantly different than the jewelry designs popular during period preceding it – the Edwardian period.


Antique & Modern: Paste Buckle and Alligator Cuff Bracelet in Blush Glaze

Blush Pink Alligator Cuff

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Jewelry from the Edwardian period utilized diamonds and pale colored gemstones rather than diamonds and the bold colors of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, onyx, etc. often the focal point in Art deco jewelry. Edwardian jewelry was feminine, light, and delicate, featuring motifs such as garlands, wreaths, and flowers again differing from the angular lines and geometric shapes of the 1920’s and 1930’s.


If you’d like to see some interesting pieces from the Art Deco Period, visit Christie’s and take a look at the sale “The Doris Duke Collection of Important Jewelry,” from 2004, especially the the diamond hair slides in the shape of crescent moons by Cartier circa 1930’s.

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Our Item of the Week


This week our featured item is this eye catching, Georgian Paste buckle in the form of a stylized lovers’ knot on an alligator skin cuff in a deep pomegranate glaze. So many delicious things come in this shade, among our favorites are pomegranate and blueberry pate de fruit, Louis Vuitton’s Alma bags in Rouge Fauviste and Amarante, Chanel nail polish in Provocation (the newer version of Vamp), and the list goes on.


Delicious Pomegranate - Alligator Cuff Bracelet in Pomegranate


Item 5 – More About the Buckle


The buckle is antique, from the Georgian period. It is paste set in silver with steel buckle tines. The pastes have black dots at the base of the stones, which is one of the characteristics of pieces from this period. Each paste has been hand shaped so the stones fit closely together. This ensures that the only thing the eye sees is a flowing, uninterrupted glittering expanse which provides a great contrast to this deep and rich color.



Alligator Cuff and Antique Paste Buckle


© Copyright Sugar et Cie 2013



The Lovers’ Knot


A lover’s knot is a symbol of love that was often used in jewelry from the Georgian and Victorian periods. It represented two people intertwined, “an emblem of true love without an end.” This quote is from the other lover’s knot, called the True Lover’s Knot, which is a love note comprised of an intricate hand drawn maze. When read in different directions or patterns, it yields different message of love. Here’s an example a true Lovers Knot.


Find the Items Pictured Above


1: Louis Vuitton Alma (and Alma BB) Bags in Rouge Fauviste and Amarante, the ones pictured are from ebay listings as of today, but they are also currently available at Louis Vuitton’s online boutique.

2: Cartier Tutti Frutti Bracelet 1930’s not currently available – from Sotheby’s April Auction of Magnificent Jewels

3: Chanel’s Le Vernis Nail Colour in Provocation available at Nordstrom’s

4: Ladurée Macarons in raspberry. Image from It’s not possible to purchase them online, but I believe if you call the New York store they will ship them to you.

5: Antique and Modern: Georgian Paste Buckle and Alligator Cuff in Pomegranate Glaze available at Sugar et Cie

6: Deborah Lippmann Nail Color JUST WALK AWAY RENEE available at Deborah Lippmann

7: diptyque candle in Tubéreuse Rouge available at diptyque paris

8: French Jellies Raspberry Pâte de Fruit the ones pictured are available at the etsy store, Zukrboutique.

Alternative: You can also purchase Pâte de Fruit from my favorite candy store in San Francisco: the candy store.

9: Roger Vivier Fall 2012 via Pinterest (Kathy Mills)

Alternative: Sebastian Milano Feather Puff Pump available at FarFetch


Note: At the time of publishing this post, all of the items were available or otherwise noted. As items sell out, they may be removed by the retailer resulting in a page not found error.

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Christian Dior

Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art



Vintage Fashion in LA


I have to admit that I have been enjoying the Dukes of Melrose. For those that haven’t seen it, it is a reality show (yes another reality show) about the owners of the Decades boutique in Los Angeles. According to Decades, they are the “illustrious vintage and haute consignment retailer in Los Angeles, worshipped by fashionistas and collectors alike for an unparalleled collection of designer clothing and accessories date from the 1920s to today.”


Their collections contain vintage couture that you often see celebrities wearing on the red carpet. While somewhat hard to watch at times, Cameron and Christos (the owners of the business/boutique) are entertaining. Cameron’s snarky comments are definitely good for at least one or two laughs each episode. The real reason I watch though, is to see what amazing fashion find will show up each week. A few episodes ago they featured Rudi Gernreich’s designs at L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art. A show which Cameron curated for the museum.


Vintage Fashion in London


Another city in which to find great vintage fashion is London. Coincidentally, there happens to be an auction including some interesting vintage fashion from a variety of decades in just four days! Kerry Taylor Auctions’ Antique, Vintage Fashion, Textiles and Accessories Auction (London) is on May 13th and 14th. Here are a few favorites from the catalogue.


This draped black goddess dress (late 1970’s early 80’s) with beaded straps, by Ossie Clark, looks like something you might find Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing at a premier. The estimate in GBP is Low: 300 – High: 400.


Kerry Taylor Auctions Goddess Dress Ossie Clark


KTA Lot 98


I had to include this one. At first glance it might seem a little out there. The more that I look at it though, the more I love this piece from Paris in the 70’s. Would Jane Birkin have worn something like this to a Parsian version of Studio 54? Lose the handbag and add the right shoes and you might just see this on a Hollywood celebutante at the next MTV Movie Awards. A “Loris Azarro metallic crochet, silver and black chain mail hot pants, matching top and disco purse, 1971.” The estimate in GBP is Low: 150 – High: 250.


Kerry Taylor Auctions Silver Crochet by Azarro


KTA Lot 107


Lastly, this is probably the best example of a 1920’s flapper dress that I have seen in a long time. It doesn’t look dated or worn and it seems like it could be from a modern day designer. “A black sequined and beaded flapper dress, circa 1927, with dropped waistline, flared skirt, the ground lavishly covered with beads and sequins.” The estimate in GBP is Low: 300 – High: 500.


Kerry Taylor Auctions 1920s Flapper Dress


KTA Lot 199

And of course if you are interested in vintage and antique jewels, come and browse through our collections.


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The Neptune Ring


The item of the week is “The Neptune Ring,” a carved amethyst (intaglio), set in 14 kt gold from the 19th century, part of our Cocktail Ring Collection. At the center of the ring is the roman god Neptune. As the story goes, the Cyclopes gave Neptune the magic trident in gratitude for the role Neptune played in setting the one-eyed monster free. The magic trident allowed Neptune to control large bodies of water at will.


If you love the color purple, then take a closer look at our list (The Neptune Ring is item 5) of “Must Haves” in various shades of this vibrant and regal color.


Color Story Purple: The List


Created via Polyvore



More on the Intaglio


The word may sound familiar, but you might be thinking – what exactly is an intaglio? The simple answer is a gemstone (carnelian, onyx, chalcydon, amethyst, ruby, jasper, agate, citrine, etc.) which has an image carved or engraved into its surface. The gem is then set most often into a ring or a seal. A few of the images most often found on intaglios are crests, a person’s head in profile, a classical scene, a roman/greek god, warriors, and mottos.


Intaglios have a long history, dating back to B.C. They have faded in and out over the centuries, becoming popular again in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. The Victoria & Albert Museum has a great collection online. My favorite in their collection is one with an image of a warrior’s head, made in Germany during the 16th century. It is carved into chalcedony and its reverse side has been painted. I love the bright gold of the warrior’s head against the vivid cherry-red background.


Find the Items Pictured Above


1: Nicholas Kirkwood’s T-bar Platform Sandal in vibrant purple available at David Jones

2: Bottega Veneta’s The Knot, appliqued rainbow snake clutch in purple and black available at NET-A-PORTER

3: Antique & Modern: Georgian Paste Buckle and Alligator Cuff Bracelet in Amethyst Glaze available at Sugar et Cie

4: Laura Mericier’s Baked Eye Color in Violet Sky available at Sephora

5: Antique: Large Carved Amethyst Ring in Spectacular Gold Setting “The Neptune Ring” available at Sugar et Cie

6: Catherine Regehr’s Off-Shoulder Ruffle Hem Drape Gown in Purple Silk available at Marissa Collections

7: Shiseido Luminizing Lip Gloss in Cool – Barely There Lilac available at Sephora

8: Parah Bikini in purple available at Zalando


Note: At the time of publishing this post, all of the items were available. As items sell out, they may be removed by the retailer resulting in a page not found error.