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The Snake Bracelet: Maybe Cleopatra Wore it Best
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The Snake Bracelet: Maybe Cleopatra Wore it Best
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One of our favorite pieces of jewelry is the snake bracelet. And yes we are jewelry junkies with A LOT of favorites. Snake jewelry (bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces, etc.) the antique, the vintage and the modern, have become very popular over the last year or two and the growing trend shows no evidence of slowing down.


Every time we see a particularly pretty piece of vintage or antique snake jewelry, we snatch it up! We started picking them up a couple of years ago. And as it turns out, we’re not alone. The sly and sometimes mysterious reptile has been turning up in a number of magazines.


While there is a snake ring or bracelet in almost every fashion magazine (mostly modern reproductions), we did notice a particularly stunning antique serpent armlet in the June/July issue of Town & Country Magazine: a gold, six-coil snake with a large sapphire eye from Stephen Russell’s collection ($75,000).


The team at T&C paired it with a short, pale grey, strapless dress and hot-pink stilettos. The bracelet with its multiple coils, looks like something Cleopatra might have worn, the snake winding its way up her arm, shining against her beautiful skin. Below is another armlet on Elizabeth Taylor from her 1963 movie of the same name.


Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra wearing snake bracelet or armlet>

20th Century Fox


We love snake jewelry from the 19th c. and the early 20th c., mostly because of the amazing details often found on fine pieces from the Georgian and Victorian periods. For the most part you won’t find the same kind of detail (hand carving, enameling, intricate design, etc.) on modern reproductions. It doesn’t hurt that the snake or serpent has been a symbol of strength, love and eternity throughout time. Here’s a favorite from the Victorian Period: A gorgeous blue enamel snake bangle with pearls and garnet eyes (circa 1865, sold by Bonhams in 2011 for 3,840 GBP or approximately 6,281 USD).


A pearl, garnet and enamel snake bangle

Courtesy of Bonhams


While the great ones are few and far between, we have been lucky enough to find a few. Find a motif you love (snake, arrow, buckle, heart etc.) and make it part of your everyday style. Browse through the snake bracelets currently in our collection.


Wearing a snake bracelet from Sugar et Cie’s Serpent Collection.


a gold multiple coil snake bracelet with rubies


Interested in snake rings? Take a look at a few of the beauties we currently have in our Rings Serpent Collection.


If you want more information on antique jewelry or just want to browse through exhibitions of drool-worthy jewelry, visit the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Jewellery Collection next time you are in London or online: V&A Jewellery.